Weems Road PD&E

Project Location:  

Tallahassee, Fl



Project Elements: 

George and Associates conducted a Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Study for the Weems Road Extension project in Tallahassee.  This road extension is a vital proposed traffic link to connect Mahan Drive to Capital Circle Northeast (CCNE) and alleviate traffic congestion at the Mahan Drive and CCNE.  The study consisted of an analysis of environmental conditions, traffic conditions and impacts, historical/archeological sites, alignment alternatives, stormwater management, right-of-way acquisition requirements, and construction costs.  The project was particularly challenging since a large portion the extension will be built through a flood plain with wetlands and a conservation area.   The project is located in a 277 acre complex closed basin system.  A detailed stormwater model (ICPR) was conducted for the entire basin for the both the existing conditions and the proposed conditions to determine the effects of the various bridge and alignment options. The alignment alternatives were thoroughly evaluated with various bridge and side bank options.  The project resulted in a detailed analysis of each alternative to include cost estimates.