WMO Campus-Wide Utility Conditions Assessment

Project Location:  

Tallahassee, Florida

Assessment Completed: 


Project Elements: 

Westminster Oaks (WMO) was requested by the City of Tallahassee Water Resources Engineering Division to complete a campus-wide utility assessment of its potable watermain, sanitary sewer collection system, and lift stations. WMO then tasked George & Associates with conducting this assessment of their 114.8-acre campus. The assessment would document existing underground infrastructure built to City standards and recorded by utility easements. Portions of the existing infrastructure not recorded and dedicated to the Water Resources Department would have to be assessed to ensure conformance to Water Resources Department technical specifications. G&A coordinated title searches, reviewed recorded utility easements and prepared a report identifying utilities that required further investigation.

Phase 2 consisted of the coordination of subsurface utility excavation of watermains, sanitary sewer mains, services, and review of CCTV of the sanitary sewage collection system and evaluation of two existing on-site lift stations. The assessment report was submitted, and concurrence was provided Water Resources Division.

Phase 3 is on-going and includes the development of construction plans and reconstructing those portions of Westminster’s infrastructure that needs to meet the technical specifications of the Water Resources Division.