Our services range from initial project development through design and permitting, contracting assistance and construction phase support.




Great projects typically begin with a review of your development program requirements and desired outcomes. Then, through collection and analysis of site-specific information, G&A professionals characterize existing site conditions, identify applicable regulatory and site-specific physical constraints, as well as community and cultural context. We then work with you to create a development concept, typically including such considerations as needed facilities and land uses, transportation and parking accommodations, utilities, and overall aesthetics, that will meet your requirements while providing a good “fit” with the selected site.


Plans and specifications are not just contract documents, they are a means of communication. A well-developed concept becomes a buildable project when engineering principles are applied to generate an appropriate design, and the design is expressed in quality plans and specifications that effectively communicate the designer’s intent, and clearly demonstrate compliance with all applicable permit requirements, while staying within the project budget. G&A professionals will work with you to create effective, complete and concise design documents, permit submittals, and a detailed opinion of probable constructed cost as required to prepare your project for construction.


Effective project planning and good engineering design will reward you in the construction phase. Our professionals are able to support you with as much help as you need while your project is being built. This can range from occasional interim inspections to full-time resident engineer services, with project meeting support, review of contractor progress payment requests, and assistance with overall project coordination. We can support you through the construction process from start to finish, to help you achieve a successful project that is ready to meet your needs, on time and within budget.