G&A has been providing civil engineering services for over 20 years, since our founding in 1997. We are among the best civil engineering firms in the state. Whether we’re producing design solutions for site development, water and sewer utilities, roadway reconstruction, resurfacing parking lots or performing complex drainage analysis and design, G&A has built a long-standing reputation for being able to provide the correct design solution for the project at hand.

Our emphasis on long-term client relationships has been demonstrated through repeat business with existing clients. We believe taking care of these relationships has been the key to our success.

Recent Achievements

Ranked 1# Florida State University Civil Engineering Services for Minor Projects (FSU RFQ-00247-2019)

Ranked 1# City of Tallahassee Water Resources Engineering (RFQ-001-19-CC)

Ranked 1# City of Tallahassee Civil Engineering/Site work (RFQ-062-18-CC)

Ranked 1# Civil Engineering Services Continuing Contract (RFQ 433-2018)






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