CC Land Road Water & Forcemain Extension

Project Location:  

Eastpoint, Fl

Construction Completed: 


Project Elements: 

The Eastpoint Water & Sewer project along CC Land Road consisted of the design and permitting of a potable water and sewer system to provide utility services from the City of Eastpoint to the New Franklin County K-12 School. This required the upgrade and extension of utility services over a distance of more than five miles. The design for the water system required the hydraulic modeling of the existing system to determine its capabilities, as well as identify deficiencies. The resulting design consisted of 5 miles of 12-inch water main with a booster station to provide adequate flow and pressure to the new school. The design of the sanitary sewer system consisted of 5 miles of 8-inch force main and two new lift stations. One lift station served as a re-pump station for a major portion of East Point, as well as for the new school. Additionally, another 5 miles of “reuse” pipe-line was designed and installed for a future “reuse” or reclaimed water use. Permitting was required and accomplished with FDEP, Progress Energy, and Franklin County. Extensive negotiations were required and successfully completed with several land owners to obtain easements for the service lines.