Project Description


Project Location:  

Bristol, Florida

Construction Completed: 


Project Elements: 

This project consists of the design and construction of a three-dormitory Work Camp at the Liberty Correctional Institution and improvements to the potable water system, wastewater treatment plant, electrical supply, and natural gas distribution. The G&A team completed the design for this project on a fast track schedule for FDOC. The work included site development of 20 acres to include, construction of entrance road, parking area, security fences, infrastructure to include potable water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, stormwater pond, natural gas, and electric distribution. The water system improvements include the design and drilling of a new potable water well to supply the work camp. The project also consisted of a wastewater treatment plant upgrade which consisted of the construction for a new concrete 280,000-gallon surge tank and modifications to the anoxic basins and aeration basins. In addition to the design of the project, G&A accomplished all permitting with the required agencies that included a major modification to the wastewater treatment plant permit.