Project Description


Project Location:  

Tallahassee, Florida

Construction Completed: 


Project Elements: 

This project consisted of the design of stormwater improvements throughout the main campus of TCC to mitigate the effects of nuisance flooding. The design and construction consisted of a new 36″ stormwater main to serve as the main stormwater trunk line for the TCC campus and eliminated nuisance flooding along a main inter-campus road that had inadequate curb drains. G&A redesigned the drainage system to eliminate flooded gutters and un-safe conditions for pedestrians and vehicles. Additionally, G&A designed a system of decorative trench drains throughout the sidewalk system to eliminate standing water and convey the stormwater to the new trunk line. The results are that the drainage conditions of TCC Main Campus have been significantly improved, and the nuisance flooding eliminated. Several large rainstorms after the completion of construction have validated its success.